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Body Spec Dexa Scanning

Body Spec, DEXA Scanning gives users so much more information in order to better individualize your training, your nutrition, and your habits.

Arm yourself with knowledge when you focus on holistic health. If your health and fitness goals include body composition, the first step is knowing if what you are doing is working!

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Chiropractic Care

When it comes to holistic health, chiropractic care can be beneficial in helping to keep our bodies performing and moving well.

Adding occasional visits to a chiropractor may help in building awareness of any potential issues, it can provide relief from pain, and it can be an important part of our overall health and fitness routines.

Maintaining our body's strength capabilities sometimes requires more than stretching or rest days, so including different types of body work can be a valuable tool.

I recommend Acorn Wellness and Elon Bartlett for chiropractic care.

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Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy should, in my opinion, be a standard and ongoing part of your holistic health plan.

When we work hard in the gym to keep our muscles strong and our bodies moving well, we might need a bit of help from time to time for recovery and recuperation. Massage therapy is another great way to help keep our bodies functioning well.

I recommend Felix Payomo for Massage Therapy.

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Your goals are my priority, like creating a well-rounded holistic health plan. We will work together to plan the best program for you. Join me!

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