I love what I do. I love my clients. Here's some of what they have to say:

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Siriji is amazing

"Siriji is everything you want in a trainer. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the best of the best. She is thorough, detail-oriented, kind and patient, extremely well qualified, and will hold you to a high standard while making the workout fun and interesting. Workouts are never dull, always different in challenging but appropriate ways, and she has a keen eye for any imbalances or weaknesses in your body that need extra attention. She has helped me rebalance and strengthen my right knee after an injury, and I can now do movements that I wouldn't be able to do without pain a couple years ago. The workouts she designs are very thoughtful and tailored to each client's needs, and she is quick to make adjustments depending on how your body is feeling that day. I always look forward to our workouts and I know that I'm getting a thorough workout backed by Siriji's extensive knowledge and knack for learning her client's strengths and weaknesses. Siriji is amazing and she will bring out the best in you, albeit VERY sweaty."

Kelsey Rinehart

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Interesting and Engaging

"A member of the Golden State Fitness & Performance gym in Montclair, I’m in my 70’s and have as goals maintaining and improving my physical strength, stamina and stability. Siriji Lamenzo has been my personal trainer for two years. She has educated me about how my body works and she challenges me to get the most out of it. The workouts she plans for me are always interesting and engaging, pushing me to new levels. She is always encouraging, and I appreciate her flexibility in scheduling. Especially during these difficult times, I valued her use of Zoom and advice on how to turn a room into an effective stand-in for the gym. For anyone looking for a trainer who will motivate you to higher and higher levels of physical achievement, I enthusiastically recommend Siriji Lamenzo."

Karen Merritt

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Variety of Movements

"Siriji is an incredible fitness trainer. I have been part of her classes for four years as well as working with her one on one. She explains the exercises in a manner that is caring, knowledgeable and understandable. If you have a question about how to execute a movement, she patiently rewords the instructions. The variety of movements in the classes is wonderful.You never get bored. She is a stickler on doing the exercise properly, so you don't hurt yourself. The best way to start the day is with a class taught by Siriji."

Joy Hunt

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It is never too late to start

"This is a message to the future students of Siriji. I am an 85-year-old male and have been training with Siriji for the last eight years. Siriji is a true professional and because of her knowledge of the anatomy and training methods, I am able to perform many physical activities today that I couldn’t do when I was 75. She evaluates the capabilities of each student and designs a training program to fit the individual needs of each student. She is interested in the wellbeing of her students to include diet as well as exercise. Siriji has made me a believer that exercise is a major factor in good health and one’s personal happiness. It is never too late to start!!!"

Gregory Boyington

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Diligent fitness coach

"Siriji is the most conscientious, patient and diligent fitness coach I have ever had. I have been training with her for about 5 years now. She does an amazing job addressing each of our individual issues during our bootcamp sessions. She listens, she cares and motivates us and is seriously interested in making us reach the best fitness shape possible. Siriji is good about varying our training sessions so we never get in a rut. Start your day off with one of her training sessions and you will forever be thankful that you did."

Brynne Staley

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She knows her stuff

"Siriji and I have done one on one personal training sessions. I strongly recommend trying Siriji if you’re looking for a trainer. She is patient and knowledgeable and able to easily make adjustments to accommodate physical limitations! She knows her stuff."

Michelle Sicula

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Super knowledgeable

"Siriji is an awesome trainer! I've been working with her for several years now. She's super knowledgeable not only about training, but about nutrition, women's health and injury recovery. She pushes to make you stronger, and really accommodates busy schedules to get that workout in."

Therese Knudsen Trivedi

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Thank you Siriji

"I've never met Siriji, but she has worked with my 80 years old father a couple of times a week for a few years now. He could not speak more highly of her as a person and as a trainer. Thank you Siriji for adding years on to my dad’s life. He skied better this season than he has in a long time. I can't tell you how much my whole family appreciates you."

Amanda Boyington-Lippa

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Highly recommend

"Siriji is an amazing personal trainer. She spends the time explaining each exercise, figures out alternatives if you have pain and puts focus on making sure you're doing it right. Among many other exercises, she's helped me get better at kettlebell swings. Highly recommend Siriji for any for your training needs,"

Ojay Malonzo

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So refreshing

"Siriji is such an amazing fitness coach, she actually makes me look forward to my twice weekly sessions! l do one on one personal training with her, and it's never the same workout twice. lt's so refreshing not to be bored! l am an ED nurse, and really choosy about my healthcare providers and trainers. Siriji is a master of body mechanics, and l completely trust her theoretical and applied knowledge of sports anatomy and physiology. Competence isn't enough if you're a jerk, though, and Siriji is NOT! She's totally cool, kind, and patient. l can't recommend her highly enough."

Vicki Theocharis

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Explains the exercises well

"I needed a trainer to help with strengthening my muscles as I get older. I was lucky enough to have found Siriji when my first trainer left. Siriji is professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, patient and most of all, explains the exercises well. She is persistent with your form in doing the exercise right and to make sure you do not get hurt. Highly recommend Siriji."

Sonny Abesamis

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Great results

"Siriji has gotten me great results ever since we first crossed paths in 2010. She has a great work ethic, solid knowledge base, and willingness to try new things. She will hold you to a high standard, but she holds herself to a high standard as well. If you show up consistently and work hard, your efforts will be rewarded."

Paul Murphy

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Unique and fun

"Siriji is an extremely knowledgeable trainer. She always makes the workouts unique and fun and takes great care to adapt workouts based on individual goals and limitations. For example, Siriji was able to challenge me in new ways while also working around (and gradually strengthening) my injured shoulder. I would recommend Siriji to any level of athlete seeking to improve their functional mobility, health and fitness."

Vincent Townsend

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Any fitness level

"I've been working with Siriji for at least five years - privately, semi-privately, and in group sessions both IRL and over Zoom. I can't recommend her enough! She is very strict about doing exercises correctly - which pays off big time in the long run. She asks you about your goals, and helps chart a way to reach them. She's encouraging, but also pushes you when you need it. Even over Zoom, she corrects your form, or suggest a modification when needed. And she's great about stretching and flexibility, too - she really wants you to live your live as fully as you can, in the healthiest body possible. Highly recommend for anyone, at any fitness level."

Laura Carlson

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Nicest and coolest person

"Ok, I was reluctant to get a trainer. But like learning a language, you do better when you go to the country where it's spoken. Siriji is that country. I first went to the gym to get more fit for a river rafting trip down the Colorado in 2014. I have a lung condition, and I'm a boomer. The first thing I was impressed by was the careful evaluation of my fitness. Second was in the last six years (with a couple of breaks) I have never been judged, and I learned to be strong. The proof was in my body reshaping itself, and the strength and balance I gained. If you stay with it, it will happen. Aside from all of this, her training, her knowledge of muscles, her excellent sense of how much she can push because she can gauge what you can handle, She is just about the nicest and coolest person I've ever met."

Angela Bean