You voted, and I made  the TOP 5 Best Personal Trainers!

Every year, Oakland Magazine surveys the city’s population to compile their ‘Best of’ lists.

This year I chose to threw my name and my new gym into the ring. I asked my crew to vote for me and they came through.

I made it onto the top 5 list for ‘Best Personal Trainer’ in the East Bay/Oakland!

In October of 2021, I opened Temescal Fitness & Movement, giving me an unexpected and incredible opportunity to be a part of the neighborhood and to bring health and fitness to more people!

I’ve been a personal trainer since 2009. My passion and drive to help people move better, be strong and stay committed to their health has fueled my career.

Along the way, I’ve honed my skills and learned as much as I can in order to help my clients.

So, what exactly do I do?

The short answer is, I teach movement based strength training.

Ok, what does that mean?

My philosophy and approach is to first, build better movement and second, build real world strength.

Too many of us simply don’t move very well, especially as we age and/or are less active. This can lead to injury, muscle imbalances, decreased muscle mass, increased risk for disease or illness.

In order to change all that, first we need to learn how our bodies are moving right now. Trying to build strength with limited or restricted movements can work, but with better movement in all joints and soft tissues the strength results and the resiliency will always be better.

So, I start with movement and build strength in coordination with that better movement.

My work focuses a lot on our ability to learn, to be aware of our capacities and limitations and to making progress and changes at a pace that fits our lifestyles and personal fitness goals.

Nothing that I do is fanciful or exotic. My programs are simple, safe, and effective.

I emphasize long term sustainability. What you learn with me will hopefully stick with you for your whole life.

I work mostly with middle aged or older people that come to me hoping to feel better and create their own personal culture of fitness As we age, it’s vitally important to stay strong. Muscle mass, tone and function helps to keep us active, healthy, vibrant and mobile and it can help to reduce risks of injury, illness and disease.

While my workouts and programs focus on movement and strength, I also hold space for all the things that make us human, that make us vulnerable or fearful. I consider myself to be ‘trauma informed’ and make a point to allow all clients to feel safe, welcomed and heard.

I’ve been through a lot in my life and I share myself, my experiences and my story as authentically as I can.

Ultimately what we do for our health and fitness every day will garner results. Whether it takes you years or weeks to see or feel.

I talk a lot about habits and how small efforts to make daily changes become routine and ‘part of life’ as we practice. And habit practices look different to everyone. I encourage you to find what works best for you. You know yourself better than anyone, and your process is unique to you, I just try and help you figure it out and give you an array of tools to choose from.

I am extremely grateful to be able to do what I do!

Local recognition because of my amazing group of clients is just the icing on the cake for me!

My work, my gym and my clients will only get better and better, and we’ll do it all together!

Thank you so much!