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Welcome to Temescal Fitness & Movement

Temescal Fitness & Movement has been in business since October 2021!

I know, what crazy person would start a business like this during a global pandemic that has turned the fitness industry on its head?

You have my permission to call me crazy. It's ok.

When confronted with the opportunity to take over the lease on this space, I was very hesitant and wary of it all. Could I handle it, could I afford it, is this even something that I want? But, I had to make a decision and quick. If I didn't go for it, I and the other trainers using the space would have lost it entirely. The thought of trying to find another space as great as this one was just too much, I had to go for it and I had to make it work!

Thankfully, I could so I've taken the risk and taken the leap into business ownership.

At Temescal Fitness & Movement, you'll find a spacious functional strength and movement facility with super great people. Smart and successful independent trainers, amazing and dedicated clients, and a nice open and airy training facility that welcomes everyone!

I am so thankful for this opportunity and can't thank everyone that has helped me get here enough! Together, it'll only get better! Thank you!

Stay tuned here for more information and my take on all things training, fitness, habits, health, and anything that I think might be of interest.

Be well!