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Renting Gym Space as an Independent Personal Trainer

Starting a personal fitness training career can be hard. Do you work at a gym or studio as an employee, a contractor, or an intern, or do you go it alone and build your own business outside of the ‘big box’ environment?

Navigating options whether you are brand new, or a veteran trainer can be challenging. And are often very daunting. We all want to make a living, but what’s the best avenue for you and your business? Have you ever considered renting gym space as an independent personal trainer?

At Temescal Fitness & Movement in Oakland, we’re here to help you better understand the benefits and the process of renting a gym space!

The Benefits of Renting Gym Space as an Independent Personal Trainer

Why go the independent route and simply rent space at an established studio or facility? Why not?

Here’s a short list of reasons to go independent as a certified personal trainer:

  1. Make your own schedule

  2. Charge clients what you know to be your worth

  3. Build your brand, your style, and your voice in your own way

  4. Opportunities to learn from the gym owner and other renting trainers

  5. No pressure to sell, or to hustle, or to work from a script

Infographic that talks about what to look for when renting a gym space

What to Look for When Renting a Gym Space

What to look for when looking for space to rent:

  1. Rental rates. Any gym that rents space to trainers will have their own rental rates. Some are affordable, others may not be.

  2. The space itself. Is it spacious enough for your needs, does it have the equipment that you need for your programming, and are there any restrictive rules to abide by? Feeling comfortable and heard is important.

  3. Requirements for renting. Unlike working as an employee, working independently requires a bit more. You’ll need liability insurance, CPR/First Aid, your own waiver forms, and the gym should require documentation. If they don’t, it’s best not to risk working there.

  4. Be prepared to work in any space with respect, professionalism, honesty, and authenticity.

Here at Temescal Fitness & Movement, we strive to give all renting independent personal trainers their space to work as they choose. We all learn from each other, but we don’t interfere. We treat each other with respect and reverence. Rents start as low as $15/hour.

You are able to come and go as you please, set your own schedule, and, if respect and honesty are shown to all, we won’t have any problems.

With all of this information in mind, you're on your way to renting gym space as an independent personal trainer! Come by Temescal Fitness & Movement in Oakland, check it out, and become your own boss!